The protector of emigrants Government of Pakistan's requirements to process and authorize overseas placement of Pakistani workforce.

Demand Letter:
A demand letter should be addressed to Raja Mushtaq Enterprises in an official letterhead in English/ Arabic Language.  A Final Demand letter can be sent via International Courier Service to RME's head office in Islamabad.  A Demand Letter should contain all necessary stamps from state authorities of the recipient country to which the workers will be deployed.

A Demand Letter must contain clear information outlined below:

  • Number of workers required
  • Trade
  • Salary (wage structure including overtime) in Saudi Riyal
  • Work hours and days
  • All benefits and welfare
  • Terms & Conditions

Power of Attorney:
This legally binding document is a written testimony issued by the recipient company to RME granting the authority to RME Manpower Service to carry out its recruitment tasks.

NOTE: above mentioned both documents will be attested form Ministry of Foreign Affairs / Chamber of Commerce and from the Pakistan Embassy, Consulate / Mission.
After issuance of visas, Electronic wakala, visa slip and valid CR of the company and valid registration of local agent is required.

Sample Documents

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