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The most important part of any organization is its philosophy under which it runs its operations. That philosophy determines the ethics of the organization. When I started Raja Mushtaq Enterprises, my sole purpose was to provide jobs for those in need thus over the years our motto evolved to “service to clients with concern for the people”. For almost three decades now, Raja Mushtaq Enterprises has been contributing to the national growth and development through the export of highly talented and worthy manpower. Our reputation is the exhibit our performance over the years. We have a team of manpower staffing experts in various fields and a panel of legal advisors to assist us in our manpower employment services. We are a Certified Manpower Recruitment Agency with business interests in international recruitment.

If it is to do with manpower, there's nothing we cannot provide! We are looking forward to meeting you and your team and helping you get your dream workforce. We are here for your service.


Mushtaq Ahmad Khan Raja


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